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A new roof construction project for your home or residential property can either be incredibly exciting or extremely stressful, depending on the circumstances. It all comes down to perspective. Choosing the right company is crucial for such a significant project, which is why Roofing by Hernandez is always your top choice.

Residential Repair

If you have a roofing issue, contacting one of our team members at Roofing by Hernandez by phone at (312) 238-0408 or using our user-friendly form could be the ideal solution for you.


Maintaining Your Roof. One of the most effective ways to safeguard your home or business roofing is through a proactive roof maintenance program provided by Roofing by Hernandez. When you think about the expenses associated with neglecting your roof, there are certainly no cheaper alternatives for extending its lifespan than regular maintenance.



Being a business owner, you know that any downtime means wasted opportunities and productivity. This is simply not acceptable, especially when Roofing by Hernandez is ready to assist you. With almost a decade of experience, we specialize in various types of commercial roofing and have successfully completed numerous projects in Chicago, satisfying countless commercial clients.


Commercial Repair

For nearly ten years since our establishment, we have been dedicated to delivering top-quality commercial roof repair services to clients throughout the wide Chicago region. Being a family-owned business, we understand the significant costs associated with halting operations for repairs. Downtime due to a deteriorating roof can result in considerable productivity losses.


Waterproofing services are essential for residents and property owners in the Greater Chicagoland area, where wet weather is common throughout the year. Whether it's rain or snowmelt, protecting your flat or low-sloped roof with waterproofing every few years is a proactive measure to avoid potential damage caused by moisture infiltration into your building.



At Roofing by Hernandez, we excel not only as the top roofing contractor in Illinois but also as the go-to option for residential and commercial gutter installation and repair services. Our expertise covers a wide range of projects, ensuring high-quality and visually appealing custom systems made from galvanized steel and aluminum.


Being a company built on strong family values and a deep appreciation for hard work, it is no wonder that we treat our work with utmost seriousness – from honoring our Union origins to our dedication to your home or property. Our team is unfailingly polite and considerate, yet they are also committed to their tasks, maintaining our reputation, and striving to enhance it until our name becomes synonymous with the exceptional results that homeowners and business owners envision, particularly when it comes to the challenging task of roofing.

Snow Removal

Snow Removal from Rooftops. During winter, and sometimes in fall and spring, heavy snowfalls can occur in the Greater Chicago area, leading to an accumulation of snow on flat or low-sloped roofs. If not addressed promptly, and in case of prolonged bad weather, these roofs can quickly become covered with snowdrifts as tall as a person, posing a potential threat to your home or business.

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